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Waste Plastic Recycling Plant

Waste Plastic Recycling Plant

MagStar customized integration of film recycling which including shredding, crushing and washing solutions, it can be used in different levels of contamination materials, including PE PP film, PP fiber waste, waste film package scraps, life plastic waste, waste agriculture films, industrial packaging and waste films.

Detailed description

Brief Introduction:

As a professional waste plastic recycling plant, MagStar will provide you with the best waste plastic recycling equipment. The MagStar plastic recycling machine is composed of belt and screw convey system,crusher, friction washer, floating washer, drying system, silo packing system, etc.The currently available capacity is 300-1000 kg/hr. 

Machine Features:

  • PLC system control, fully automatic, high efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise and easy to operate.

  • The final output is of good quality with a humidity below 5%.

  • The rotating blades feature a V-shaped design that reduces noise and reduces energy consumption.

  • The main shaft is driven by a gearbox, which runs smoothly, with low noise and strong power.

  • The blade base and blade on the rotating roller are removable for easy cleaning and maintenance.

  • Hydraulically driven feed system with very stable operation

  • The innovative and insulated design of the heater ensures efficient heat transfer and long life of the heater.

  • Through repeated cold floatation, hot washing and friction cleaning, the phenomenon of impunity is completely eliminated.

  • The use of a pretreatment system greatly improves the quality of the final product.

  • Reasonable process design reduces maintenance costs and facilitates easy operation.

  • If there is an unexpected situation, it can be automatically turned off and the safety factor is very high.

Machine Application:

Suitable for all kinds of waste plastic recycling.including plastic film, plastic wire and fabric, foam plastic, plastic packaging box and container, daily plastic products, plastic bags and agricultural film,etc. 

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