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Waste Plastic Recycling Machine

Waste Plastic Recycling Machine

Four shaft plastic bottle shredder is used in crushing plastic drum, plastic bottle, metal drum, paint bucket, intermediate bulk container, car body, scrap steel, oil and gas bottle, circuit board, kitchen waste etc.

Detailed description

Product Description:

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, the application range of this waste plastic recycling machine has become more and more extensive. Consists of blade sets, bearing housing, support frame, feeding system, power system,etc.,it is an important plastic machine that recycles most of plastic products, thus solving a large part of the environmental pollution problem, which means it has an indelible effect on the protection of the environment.


  • Combined design, easy to maintain

  • Four shaft with high capacity and strong structure, easy to operate, low electricity consumption and durable

  • Imported Japan gear reducer, large torque and strong power

  • Special steel cutter with high strength and long service life

  • Unique hydraulic pushing system accelerates the shredding speed material

  • Stable product quality, low energy consumption, saving a lot of energy

  • A screw is made of high strength corrosion resistant alloy steel to ensure high efficiency and stability of machine   

  • The water-cooled cooling method increases the solids transport rate of the material, improves the product quality, strengthens the transport of solid materials, and ensures the normal operation of the machine.

  • PLC control system with overload protection function, automatic and manual control switch, the control system can be well protected the normal operation of the shredding machine

  • Realize the automatic control of the whole unit, and meet the speed and power requirements of the process.

  • Continuous operation is used to increase production while saving a lot of manpower and turnaround time


It is used for recycling of the used and waste  various plastic products ,such as bottles and cans, basins, cups, plates, toy accessories, packaging bags, films, tubes, plates, panels, granules, plastic bottle, metal drum, paint bucket, scrap steel,etc. 

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