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Shredder Plastic Shredding Machine

Shredder Plastic Shredding Machine

Single shaft super shredder is mainly used to shredding various big plastic solid material, large plastic lump, large plastic blocks, plastic pipe, plastic container and barrel, fiber and paper which the normal crusher cannot handle.

Detailed description

Product Description:

As a machine that can pulverize large-sized solid raw materials to the required size. This product consists of coarse crushing, fine crushing, wind conveying and other devices, and achieves the purpose of crushing in the form of high-speed impact. This kind of shredder plastic shredding machine has been designed exclusively for efficient recycling of polymer materials. Its high through-put rate is achieved by the help of the rotor and swing-pusher in-feed system used to force materials into the machine. The geometric shape of the rotor can be adapted and the most suitable cutting blades selected to meet your specific requirements


  • Teeth are DC53 steel. Stator knives are D2 steel.

  • The specially designed rotor is very wear resistant

  • The main electronic control unit is a combination of Siemens and Schneider.

  • Microcomputer technology combines rotor speed changes with start-stop and reverse functions.

  • Automatically reverses the sensor to protect the machine from overload and jamming.

  • Engineered using split bearing block technology is designed to replace the blade quickly and efficiently.

  • The rotor teeth can be rotated 4 times before replacement is required, which can reduce operating costs and downtime.

  • Reasonable design, excellent performance: Extremely versatile machine can handle many different materials

  • Low noise and environmental protection: Clean and non-staining, energy saving, high crushing efficiency, simple shape, high environmental protection effect

  • Safe and reliable: Full machine protection, in line with European CE standards.


Mainly used to shredding all kinds of plastics and rubber such as plastic profiles, tubes, rods, wires, films, waste rubber products, big plastic solid material, fiber and paper which the normal crusher cannot handle.

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