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PET Bottle Recycling Machine

PET Bottle Recycling Machine

PET bottle recycling plant is used for separate PET bottle flakes from PE/ PP label, cap, oil, garbage, protect the environment, and avoid white pollution.

Detailed description

Product Description:

This easy-to-use, fully automatic PET bottle recycling machine is mainly used to process waste PET bottles, barrels, etc. It can separate PET bottles from labels, caps, oil, and trash. This recycling machine consists of separator, crusher, hot and cold washing system, dehydration, drying, packaging system and so on. PET recycling plants can gradually recycle waste and dirty PET bottles through this efficient machine.  It plays a vital role in the rapid recycling and processing of plastic waste and in improving the utilization of plastics. The recycling of PET plastic bottles has great benefits for environmental protection, resource conservation and sustainable development.


  • Small size and easy to operate.

  • Lowest energy consumption, no friction heat, uniform particle size

  • Fully enclosed soundproof design to reduce noise and avoid dust pollution.

  • Shaft design with high bearing capacity, bearing safety seal protection.

  • Efficient opener and feeding system can be fed in the same way, saving labor costs.

  • Using a manual sorting system to select bottles of different colors and non-PET materials.

  • An optional metal detector is used to remove any type of metal from the PET bottle.

  • Wet grinding with water can extend the life of the blade and reduce the generation of dust.

  • The high speed dewatering machine and drying system ensure a final PET flakes moisture <2%.

  • The dust separator machine will remove the final label from the sheet.

  • Easy-to-access cutting room simplifies cleaning when changing colors or materials.

  • Optional low and high speeds.

  • Multiple safety protection, low pressure operation.


Widely used in recycling PET plastic bottles which are widely used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical packaging and many other fields to protect the environment and avoid white pollution.

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