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Plastic Scrap Grinding Machine

Plastic Scrap Grinding Machine

MF series disc type plastic scrap grinder machine belong to disc type grinding mill machine series, disc diameter of this pulverizing machine from 350mm to 800mm.

Detailed description

Product Description:

As a kind of precision grinding machine,this kind of plastic scrap grinding machine belongs to disc type grinding mill machine series, disc diameter of this pulverizing machine from 350mm to 800mm. It consists of automatic feeder, main engine, air fan conveying, automatic shaker screen, high-efficiency dust collector system,etc. When using this product, a plurality of workpieces are simultaneously placed in a cage between the upper and lower grinding discs, and the cage and the workpiece are moved in parallel by an eccentric or planetary mechanism with an action plane. When this product is used to machine the outer cylindrical surface, it is necessary to choose the retainer hole groove type and arrangement angle.


  • Low energy consumption and high capacity: Compared with the same type of pulverizer machine, the capacity is 100%-200% higher in the case of the same power consumption.

  • Innovative and energy efficient design: Equipped with a fan discharge and dust collecting device to effectively reduce dust pollution and keep the environment clean.

  • Equipped with unloaded fans and sorted vibrators, unqualified materials are automatically returned to the mill without manual operation.

  • More user-friendly body design ensures very simple and safe inspection and grinding disc replacement.

  • Grinding discs can be easily adjusted for easy maintenance and control

  • The operation interface is intuitive and convenient, program control and easy to operate.

  • For all-round security considerations, misoperations in abnormal conditions are invalid.

  • Real-time monitoring, safe and reliable


Widely used in grinding materials with moderate hardness,such as soft PVC, PE, PP, ABS, PA, EVA, PET, PS, PPS, EPS, PC, styrofoam, cow leather and so on.

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