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Plastic Bottle Crusher Machine

Plastic Bottle Crusher Machine

This plastic bottle crusher machine is mainly used for crushing the plastic small bottles, plastic injection stubs, and plastic films and so on.

Detailed description

Product Description:

Made of thickened carbon steel, the machine is quite durable and of long working life.This plastic bottle crusher machine refers to crushed plastic bottles and various plastics and rubber such as plastic profiles, tubes, rods, wires, films, waste rubber products. It is a kind of machinery that turns waste into treasure and is a green product that is recycled and reused.


  • Steel structured box, knife holder and high-quality tool steel knife fasten various cutting tools with high-strength steel screws, excellent performance and excellent cutting performance

  • Using high-quality steel, especially for the manufacture of PET bottle crushers, the machine is used for a long time under severe and continuous conditions of use.

  • With flat type, claw type and cross type blade and screen with different hole size for chose to suit various demand;

  • Blades base structure is stable and durable, and can be grinded for many times and can be used repeatedly;

  • Blades base is made of high quality steel, hard to be broken and damaged and improves the cutting efficiency;

  • The feeding hopper is isolated on all sides, the inner layer is made of stainless steel, the outer layer is reinforced, and the mute effect is good;

  • The shape design is simple and practical, easy to operate, low electricity consumption and durable;

  • Easy to clean and maintain, ccessories can be removed and mounted easily;

  • Imported bearings are used for durability;

  • Interlock power protection to ensure safe operation.


Mainly used for crushing and recycling various plastics,such as small bottles, plastic injection stubs,drink bottle label, bottle cap, water pipe, drainage pipe, water drum, rubber tire,plastic material from the injection mold, leather and so on.

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