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plastic extrusion manufactures

  • PVC celling panel extrusion line

    Contact NowPVC celling panel extrusion linePVC celling panel extrusion line consists of a screw loader, a conical twin-screw extruder, an extrusion die, a vacuum calibration table, a tractor, a bronzing machine, etc.
    Its compact and rigorous structure. The special screw design has good plasticization,...
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  • sheet extrusion plant

    Contact Nowsheet extrusion plantThe sheet extrusion plant consists of an automatic feeder, a single screw extruder, an extrusion die, a roller calender, an oven/corona treatment device, a traction device, a printing, a cutting machine, a stacker or a coiler, and peripheral equipment.
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  • PVC Plastic Garden Rigid Pipe Plant Machine

    Contact NowPVC Plastic Garden Rigid Pipe Plant MachineThis garden pipe plant consists of automatic feeder, two sets of single screw extruder, co-extrusion die, forming device, water cooling tank, fiber woven machine, heating oven, two sets of traction machine, and coiler etc.Read More

  • plastic pellet extruder

    Contact Nowplastic pellet extruderThe plastic pellet extruder consists of a single screw extruder or a two-stage extruder (mother and child type), a cooling water tank, a screen changing device, a cutting device, a dryer and a silo.
    It is mainly used to recycle PE or PP film, waste injection...
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  • plastic frame extrusion

    Contact Nowplastic frame extrusionThe plastic frame extrusion machine consists of a loader, a single screw extruder, an extrusion die, a water cooling tank, a hot stamping machine system, a traction device, and a stacker.
    It produces PS foam photo frames that are widely used in everyday...
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  • PVC sheet extrusion

    Contact NowPVC sheet extrusionPVC sheet extrusion machine is mainly composed of feeder, plastic extruder, sheet mold, roller calender, oven/corona treatment device, traction device, printing, cutting machine, stacker or coiler and peripheral equipment.
    It features high capacity, low power...
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  • PU Polyurethane Hose Manufacturers Extrusion Machine

    Contact NowPU Polyurethane Hose Manufacturers Extrusion MachinePU hose extrusion line is composed by automatic feeder, single screw extruder, extrusion die, forcing cooling device, cooling water tank, haul- off unit, cutter device, and coiler and so on.Read More

  • corrugated pipe extrusion

    Contact Nowcorrugated pipe extrusionCorrugated pipe extrusion consists of automatic feeder, single screw extruder, extrusion die, forming machine, module, coiler and so on.
    It is mainly used in the production of PE / PP single-wall corrugated pipes, for cable or wire protection, washing machine...
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  • PPRC PPR Pipe Extrusion Plastic Pipe Making Machine

    Contact NowPPRC PPR Pipe Extrusion Plastic Pipe Making MachineThis PPR pipe making machine consists mainly of color mixer, vacuum loader, hopper dryer, main single screw extruder, co-extrusion extruder, co-extrusion die, vacuum forming bath, water spray cooling bath, laser marking machine, traction machine, chip free PPR pipe...Read More

  • plastic compounding machines

    Contact Nowplastic compounding machinesThe plastic compounding machines are composed of a mixer, an automatic loader, a parallel co-rotating twin-screw extruder, a side feeder, an extrusion die, a water-cooling tank, a dewatering machine, a granulator, a vibrating silo, and so on.
    It is mainly...
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