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Washing Machine Drainage Pipe

              Washing machine drains, as the name implies, are installed in the washing machine drainage pipe, used to exclude the washing machine wastewater. Common with the upper drainage and drainage, the drainage is the washing machine drainage through the water pump to upgrade wastewater and then discharged, the drainage is the use of natural pressure discharged.Drainage Pipe

              The new washing machine to buy back need to install drainage pipes, or washing machine with a long time to plug the drainage pipes need to be replaced, many users will feel a headache, here is to introduce themselves to install the replacement drainage pipe method.Drainage Pipe

              1, washing machine drains are generally near the bottom, we have to do the first step is to put down the washing machine. 2, the bottom of the washing machine is mostly open, and some of them are blocked by the protection board, so you need to turn on the protection board. Look down the drain and you'll see the connection between the drain and the mainframe. 3, the connection between the drainage pipe and the host can be used in Ω-type clamp, useful fastening ring (plastic nut) fixed, also useful glue adhesion. 4, hold the clip or tighten the elastic circle, you can remove the old pipe. 5, replace the new pipe, with a clamp card or tighten tightly circle can be. If the original is glued to glue, you can find fine wire and raw materials with fixed. The replacement of the pipe is completed.Drainage Pipe