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UPVC Water Supply You Know The Principle Of Water Supply

     Variable frequency water supply operation principle: frequency conversion water supply equipment when the system is working normally, the pressure sensor on the outlet pipe of the equipment is used to sample the water pressure of the user, and converts the pressure signal into an electrical signal (feedback value) to the programmable controller (PLC), and then compares and operates with the user-defined pressure value (target value). The result of comparison and operation is converted to frequency regulation signal and pump start signal to frequency converter: Frequency converter regulates the power frequency of pump motor, and then adjusts the speed of pump.UPVC Water Supply
     Frequency-conversion pump operating in the frequency limit, if the set pressure can not be reached, the system by delay to confirm the pump: When the system runs at the lower frequency, the actual pressure value is still higher than the set value, after the delay to confirm the pump.UPVC Water Supply
     The continuous adjustment of the rotational speed of the frequency pump and the combination of the power frequency pump's grading regulation the water pressure in the user pipe network is constant in the design of the user in advance, so that the water supply of the pump group is consistent with the changing water consumption of the user's pipe network, which achieves the goal of variable constant pressure supply, and also achieves a better energy saving effect.UPVC Water Supply
     Variable-frequency water supply equipment in the operation of the use of mutual standby, circulation variable frequency operation, multiple pump-by-stage cycle (or timing cycle) as a frequency pump, the rest of the pump temporary work frequency pump operation. That is, the start of each pump is done by frequency converter. Each time the pump is added, the inverter switches to the pump to start operation, regardless of electrical or pipeline failure, once the system pressure drop, there will be a pump to join the replacement operation. The pumps that are involved in this alternate operation are mutually complementary.UPVC Water Supply