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UPVC Water Supply Performance Characteristics

    UPVC water supply is a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin as raw material, plasticizer without plastic water supply material. With the development of chemical industry technology, can now produce non-toxic water supply, so it has the general performance of PVC, but also increased the number of excellent performance, in particular, it has the advantages of good corrosion resistance and softness, Which is particularly suitable for water supply networks.UPVC Water Supply

    Because it is not conductive, it is not easy to acid, alkali, salt electrochemical reaction, acid, alkali, salt are difficult to corrosion it, so no external anti-corrosion coating and lining. And softness and this has overcome the shortcomings of the past plastic water supply brittle, under the action of the load can produce yield without rupture.

    Have made such a test: a DN50mm UPVC water supply on the ground, crown 3.0 car opened in the above, the water is only flat, but not broken. And then we let the loaded Dongfeng car from the water above the pressure, the same water only deformation is not broken.UPVC Water Supply

    In addition, UPVC water supply has a small elastic modulus and thus can reduce the magnitude of the impact of pressure so as to reduce the impact of water hammer. U-PVC water supply wall smooth, low resistance (UPVC water supply resistance coefficient of 0.009, and the general galvanized water supply. Cast iron water supply resistance coefficient of 0.012-0.013), so the hydraulic conditions are obvious. UPVC water supply is about 30% smaller than that of galvanized water supply and cast iron water supply when the same water is supplied by the same water supply path. When the head loss is the same, UPVC water supply capacity is more than 20% higher than that of cast iron water supply. As the UPVC water supply wall is smooth, the liquid flow does not scale, so its delivery capacity does not decrease with the running time. And that's exactly what galvanized water and cast iron

    UPVC water supply can not overcome the shortcomings. With the continuous development of reform and opening up, people's living standards continue to improve, the quality of tap water requirements are getting higher and higher. In addition to ensuring that the water supply industry meets the drinking water standards, the water supply industry must also pass water qualified through the water supply network.

    People on the tap water, "yellow water" and "black water" and other phenomena strongly reflected, and the control of the water supply network water quality is mainly due to deterioration of the water supply channel corrosion, especially cold galvanized water supply, the water supply wall of the coating is unstable, The use of water for less than a year or less does not start a long time to rust, resulting in iron smell and color, buried in the underground galvanized water corrosion is more serious. While UPVC water supply is resistant to corrosion. No scaling, can inhibit bacterial growth, is conducive to the protection of water quality from the secondary pollution of the waterway. So UPVC water supply has a wide range of applications, especially before the user water meter can be used before a large number of buried water.UPVC Water Supply

    In addition UPVC water supply also has light weight. Easy to transport advantages. UPVC water supply ratio of 1.4 or so (cast iron water supply ratio of 7.4 or so), is one-fifth of the weight of cast iron water supply, the use of UPVC water supply than cast iron can save transportation costs 1 / 10-1 / 5. Its handling, loading and unloading construction are very convenient.UPVC Water Supply

    Often water supply water supply construction environment is more difficult, the construction site muddy, such as to reduce the labor intensity of workers, shorten the construction cycle that is the best thing. The use of UPVC water supply can achieve this ideal. UPVC water supply light weight, in the installation process can be moved manually, generally do not need to use machinery. For example, a DN200 long 6m UPVC water supply weight of about 55Kg, and the same diameter of the length of the cast iron water supply weight of 304Kg, UPVC water supply one person to carry on the line, and cast iron water supply with three or mechanical water supply, so greatly reduced The labor intensity of the workers and the savings in working hours and construction costs.