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UPVC Water Supply

            The hard polyvinyl chloride (UPVC) pipe has the advantages of good use effect, convenient construction technology and low maintenance workload, and is widely used in the municipal water supply and drainage pipeline and residential area. This paper discusses the advantages of UPVC pipe as a water supply pipe, and discusses the construction and maintenance technology of UPVC water pipe in combination with practical experience.UPVC Water Supply

            UPVC Water supply pipe is a chemical pipe for the Tudin urban buried water pipeline project in the current state. With the development from the 30 's, has been decades of history, the world's developed countries have adopted UPVC pipe water supply, some European-pod developed countries (such as the same as the same as, Norway) water pipe has 100% adopted UPVC Pipe: Weeks to the 1980s after the gradual use. But the development of applications is extremely rapid. At present, the Tudin water supply of plastic pipes have reached dozens of kinds, different materials of plastic pipes from the technical and economic advantages and disadvantages, in the selection of tubing to local conditions, according to different uses to play their advantages.UPVC Water Supply

            UPVC water pipe, according to GB gb/t10002.1-1996 to detect, its hydraulic test performance standard value of higher requirements, this is the production of uPVC water pipe Enterprises put forward a high demand. Eccentric problem is one of the common plastic pipe problems, will lead to the production of plastic pipe wall thickness is larger, not only caused by waste of raw materials, and make its hydraulic test performance is difficult to meet the requirements of 42MPa ring stress, plastic pipe production line operation has a great impact. Therefore, this requires production enterprises not only to the good material ratio, conditional enterprises should be installed on-line testing equipment, at any time to adjust the size of plastic pipe material deviation.UPVC Water Supply