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The Laying Process Of Drainage Pipe

The general laying process of the pipeline is divided into five steps, the first step is to put the pipe into the groove, the second step to the interface, the third step is partial backfill, the fourth step is the test pressure, the last step is all backfill. When the pipe is put into the groove, only if the condition is not allowed and the diameter of the pipe is small, it can be carried out, when the condition is satisfied, 3 pipes are connected on the groove and then smoothly into the groove. When laying the water supply pipe in the trench, when the design does not stipulate that the foundation of other materials must be used, it should be laid on undisturbed original soil. After the pipeline is installed, the cushion used for laying the pipe should be removed in time.Drainage Pipe

There are rain water pipe system, sewage pipe system and confluence pipe system. Rainwater piping collects and discharges land-based wastewater, which is dominated by rainwater runoff, and permits the disposal of industrial effluents without treatment of natural water. The sewerage system collects and discharges all used domestic water and industrial waste water that permits the drainage of urban sewers, both of which are collectively referred to as municipal sewage.Drainage Pipe The sewage piping system and the rainwater piping system are usually respectively arranged separately. The confluence pipe collects and discharges all the waste water (including rainwater, sewage), generally having the intercepting pipe and overflow and overflowing mouth or other sewage intercepting facilities, sunny days, and the waste water is converging to the waste water treatment plant. Rainy day, when the waste water flow exceeds the water conveyance capacity of the intercepting pipe, The waste water discharged from the interception tube is the natural water of the human body through the mouth of the AIDS stream. The confluence system is called confluence.Drainage Pipe Drainage section, the soil ditch is generally triangular or trapezoidal. Brick ditch, concrete ditch commonly used rectangular. The pipe with a small cross-section and a pipe constructed by the jacking method or the Shield method are all used in the circle shape. The large-scale pipelines constructed by the method of Ming-digging have many forms, such as circular, rectangular (single or porous), straight-walled vault, horseshoe-shaped, and semi-elliptical. The diameter of circular pipe constructed by Ming-digging method is generally not more than 2m.Drainage Pipe