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Several Precautions Of Drip Irrigation Technology For Hydraulic Suction Hose Pipe

                 Hose drip irrigation is widely used in greenhouse greenhouses, and it is a water-saving and increasing irrigation technology specially developed for its production, which makes the ground moist and has no water vapor evaporation. Its composition is to have double on the drip irrigation belt directly laying on the crop furrow surface to provide a good environment for indoor plants. Here's a brief introduction to the use and precautions of drip irrigation technology in greenhouse.Hydraulic Suction Hose Pipe

                 The irrigation method is called drip irrigation by dropping the water droplets evenly and slowly into the soil near the root of the plant through a drop head mounted on a capillary tube. With the help of capillary force, the infiltration and diffusion of water, to ensure the absorption and utilization of plant roots, the soil must always remain unsaturated, so that the soil loose permeability strong, conducive to plant growth. The principle is to fill less irrigation. Concrete method: When pouring water, first close the pipette valve of the fertilizer, then open the valve to the maximum, then connect the water, can irrigation. When the water is applied, the valve is closed, the switch of the pipette is opened, the filter is fixed in the bottom of the fertilizer solution bucket, and the water is connected to the fertilizer. After the fertilization is over, the switch on the straw is closed and the valve is opened to continue to inject water, so that the residual fertilizer in the tube is outside the pipe.Hydraulic Suction Hose Pipe

                  Second, attention to the installation of drip irrigation system, to ensure that each section of the control area is not more than half an acre of land, each hose contact the ground to be flat, to prevent the flow of obstruction. If not covered with plastic film, drip irrigation with holes can be laid down, usually covered with plastic film after use, so that the hole in the drip belt should be upward laid. To have clean water, if the water has more than 0.8mm of suspended matter, it is necessary to add a net filter to achieve the purpose of purifying water quality. Water and wells are usually not filtered. In the installation process, to prevent scratches, puncture drip irrigation belt or supervisor, Field Operation should also pay attention. Water must be poured after fertilization to prevent material such as fertilizer plugging hole mouth. In order to prevent sediment and other impurities in the tube accumulation and cause blockage, should be released by the drip irrigation belt and the tail of the supervisor, increase flow flushing. When the rotation is removed, the equipment is properly kept in a cool place.Hydraulic Suction Hose Pipe