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Requirements For Construction Of PVC Drainage Pipe

           PVC pipe drains are sanitary grade polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin as the main raw material, adding a proper amount of stabilizer, lubricant, filler, color-enhancing agent, etc. by plastic extruder extrusion molding and injection molding machine injection molding, through cooling, solidification, stereotypes, testing, packaging and other processes to complete the production of pipe, pipe fittings.

          First, in the roadbed unit construction at the bottom of the grass-roots before the horizontal drainage pipe buried.

          Second, slotting: according to the design of drawings and measuring the location of the design of the pile number of manual slotting. The PE pipe width is slightly wider than the diameter of the pipe, and the groove depth is 23 centimeters below the surface of the road bed. The length of the groove requires that the medial line be 10 cm from the midline and extend to the side of the slope, and the excavated section extends to the inner wall of the side. The slope of the groove should not be reversed, so that the water in the road will be discharged to the roadbed. Before grooving, make sure to pull straight Drainage Pipe

           Three, take over: each PVC Tube's two interfaces must cover the rubber ring after matter, avoids leaking .

           Four, under the tube: clean the bottom of the trough, according to the length of the tube, put the tube into the trough, in the center of the side of the end of the belt with a sack of cloth to prevent debris into the tube causing blockage.Drainage Pipe

           Five, Backfill: Select the excavation of the fine-grained soil backfill, or the use of sand backfill, must be removed from the big stone, backfill to be artificially compacted, backfill of the top of the earth can not be higher than the bed, less than the surface of the road bed is divided into appropriate, otherwise it will be a vehicle

           Six, clean up: Backfill after the remaining soil to immediately remove the appearance, clean the road, PE pipe surplus soil to be concentrated unloading at the site and other designated sites, not arbitrarily unloaded on the road.Drainage Pipe

           VII. Fill section of the bottom of the basic construction, in the brush good slope, in the water outlet in accordance with the design size, is pouring trapezoidal water outlet pad, the plate used stereotypes wooden mold pouring, pouring before the flatted slope, and nailed into 3 25 cm long bamboo sticks, to facilitate stability.

           Eight, pay attention to the vertical curve at the lowest point of the route to ensure that there is a drainage pipe, to ensure that the road is not stagnant. High pressure pipe laying requirements in the fill Super high section, road bed after inspection, according to the location of the drawings designed in a timely manner to set out the location of the pipeline manual with small excavation machinery slotting, Groove bottom slope in line with the design requirements, to ensure smooth drainage, groove width is not less than 47cm, the width of the groove is not less than the design, excavation of the waste residue in a timely manner. In the Fill section, in order to ensure the thickness of the pipe top, to ensure The bottom of the trough is lowered by 20 centimeters. The super high Subgrade in the stone excavation section, after the bottom base is finished, the reverse digging construction.