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PVC Pipe Production Line Features

(1) raw materials are mixed: it is PVC stabilizers, plasticizers, antioxidants, and other accessories, in proportion, the process successively joined the high-speed mixer, through the material and mechanical friction material heating up to the set temperature, and then by cold mixer to reduce the material 40-50; so that you can add to the hopper of the extruder.

(2) the extruder part: the machine is equipped with a dosing, the output matches the feeding quantity can, ensuring products stable extrusion. Due to the characteristics of the tapered screw, feeding section has a large diameter, relatively large heat transfer area of the material and the cutting speed, material-friendly plastic, small metering section of screw diameter, reducing the heat transfer area and on the shear rate of melt, melt strength in low temperature extrusion. Screw in the cylinder rotates, the plasticized PVC mixture back to the nose, so as to achieve compaction, melting, mixing, and achieve the purpose of exhaust, dehydration. Charging device and screw driving unit uses the frequency conversion velocity modulation, can achieve synchronous speed.

(3) die parts: by compaction, melting, mixing of PVC, follow-up materials screws to die, extrusion die is a tube forming close built parts.