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Production Operation Flow Of Drainage Pipe

      Installation of the nose and setting device. Select the head assembly and stereotypes unit components according to the size of the product specifications. Installed in assembly order. When installing the nose, pay attention to the position and connectivity of the diffuser bracket and the mould body, the die, the core die should be coaxial, and the sealing end face should be pressed tightly to prevent leaking material. Drainage Pipe

      A shunt plate is arranged between the discharging end and the nose of the extruder. The connection between the flange of the head and the extruder shall be uniformly pressed, and if the bolt is connected, the machine should be warmed again after it is tightened.Drainage Pipe

      The outside of the head of the heating ring should be wrapped in the nose, not with the head outside the wall between the gap, and then install a good thermocouple, power supply. When the setting device is installed at a fixed position, connect the cooling water into and out of the water pipe and the vacuum pipe (if the vacuum shaping process is adopted). Temperature setting. Drainage Pipe

      Set the extruder each section and the head heating temperature, turn on the electric heater, heat up to set the temperature, maintain a certain time, so that the machine and the head and exterior temperature consistent. Pipe extrusion Line inspection. Check and adjust the extrusion line of each machine, should ensure that the central position of the device, start-up operation Normal, water, trachea road unobstructed.Drainage Pipe

     Product quality control. Observe the appearance of tubing, measure the outside diameter and wall thickness to meet the standard, if not appropriate, should readjust the process parameters to meet the quality requirements. Downtime。 Shutdown operation. Stop feeding or unloading hopper of the storage material, the barrel of the material as far as possible to squeeze the net, stop heating. First lower the screw speed, gradually reduced to zero, downtime. Turn off water and electricity. Close cooling water inlet valve, compressed air machine or vacuum pump, traction machine, etc. Remove the nose and clean it. Attention should be paid to the tool should not be scratched the head surface. If not used, the nose should be coated with grease to protect.Drainage Pipe