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Product Characteristics Of CPVC Electric Protection Pipe

          1, material characteristics: CPVC power Tube to heat, insulation performance of excellent pvc-c resin as the main material, CPVC products are currently recognized as green environmental protection products, its excellent physical and chemical properties are increasingly valued by the industry. CPVC Power Tube is a hard straight solid wall tube, the inner and outer wall smooth and flat, the color is orange red, bright color, eye-catching.

          2, heat-resistant performance: CPVC Power tube than the ordinary uPVC double wall corrugated pipe heat-resistant temperature increase of 15 ℃, can be in 93 ℃ above the environment, maintain the deformation, and have sufficient strength.CPVC Electric Protection Pipe

          3, Insulation properties: CPVC Power Tube can withstand more than 30,000 volts.

          4, compressive properties: CPVC Power pipe after material modification, product ring stiffness of 1Okpa, is significantly higher than the state departments for buried plastic pipes, the ring stiffness should be above 8kpa.CPVC Electric Protection Pipe

          5, High impact strength: CPVC Power Tube at 0 ℃ temperature can withstand 1kg heavy hammer, 2m high impact force, fully reflect the low-temperature impact of the material is fully applicable to the construction environment requirements.

          6, Flame-retardant properties: PVC and pvc-c materials have good flame retardant properties, can be off fire. Especially pvc-c materials, because of its chlorine content is obviously higher than PVC, so the flame retardancy and smoke density index has increased significantly.

          7, installation performance: CPVC Power Tube light weight, high strength, the construction method is simple, can realize night excavation burial, backfill road, can be open to traffic in the daytime, the use of elastic seal rubber ring Socket connection, easy to install connection, fast, connection sealing performance is good, can prevent groundwater leakage, effectively protect the use of power cable safety.CPVC Electric Protection Pipe

          8, Long service life: CPVC Power pipe materials corrosion resistance, anti-aging, service life of up to 50 years.