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Plastic Single Screw Extruder You Know Several Working Conditions

It is known by the high molecular physics that there are three kinds of physical states of polymers, that is, glassy state, high elastic state and viscous flow state, under certain conditions, these three kinds of physical states will be changed mutually. Solid plastic from the hopper into the human cylinder, with the screw rotation to the head direction, in the process, the physical state of the plastic is constantly changing. According to the changing process of three kinds of physical state of plastic in extruder and the work requirement of each part of screw rod, the screw rod of extruder is usually divided into feeding section (solid conveying area), compression section (melting zone) and homogenizing section (melt conveying area) three paragraphs.Plastic Single Screw Extruder

Plastic from the hopper into the extruder of the barrel, under the rotating action of the screw, due to the inner wall of the barrel and the friction of the screw surface moving forward. In this section, the function of the screw is mainly to provide the power of the plastic compaction, materials still exist in solid state, although because of the strong frictional heat, at the end of the cylinder with the wall contact plastic has been close to or reach the sticky flow temperature, solid particle surface began to sticky, but the melting has not started. This area, known as the hysteresis Zone, refers to the end of the solid conveying zone to the first melting of a viscous flow state.Plastic Single Screw Extruder The working principle of single screw extruder is not shameful, plastic in the extruder plastic, forward extrusion activities, its main power comes from the feeding section of solid transport, plastic homogenization is due to a large degree of uniformity of the structure and the head mold resistance caused by the backflow. Many new structures have been developed in the improvement of the screw mixing structure, but they are often suitable for polymers with good thermal stability.Plastic Single Screw Extruder