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Plastic Extruder Process

Extruder comes from 1 8th century, England Joseh Bramah in 1 7 9 5 manufacture of lead used in the manufacture of seamless tube manual piston extruder is believed to be the world's first extruder. Since then, in front of the 1 9th century 5 0 years, extrusion machine is basically only for lead-pipe production, pasta and other food processing, brick and ceramic industries.

As a manufacturing method development process, 1th has a clear record of r. B r o o m a n-1 8 4 5 years application of extruder production gt wave plastic wire patents. Goodrich company of h. G w l y b e followed by an improvement of the extruder, and 1 8 5 1 for covering it in d o v e r and c a l a I s company 1th submarine cable between the copper wire. 2 after 5 years, extrusion method 1 3 key and then quickly steered by electric extruder replaces the previous manual extruder. Early mechanical piston extruder in the production of thousands of km of insulated wire and cable, which firmly established the extrusion method used in the production of cable status. Early production of cable out of the machine is manual, mechanical or hydraulic, plunger-type of all. In this process, plunger hot gutta-percha into the generic copper wires die, gutta-percha from the die extrusion, coating on the copper wires to form insulating layers.