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Pipe Fittings Transfer Of Drainage Pipe

UPVC Pipe and pipe fittings, China's 85 period of scientific and technological achievements, the National Ministry of Construction 1996 Science and technology achievements focus on the promotion of projects.Drainage Pipe 

Because of its good economic performance and characteristics, has been widely used throughout the country, there are many unscrupulous manufacturers in order to profiteering, a large number of production can not meet the requirements of the uPVC pipe and pipe fittings, many construction units in order to save money, only to choose cheap to buy, resulting in the construction of poor quality materials. Poor quality UPVC tubing is brittle, wall thickness, easily cracked.Drainage Pipe 

Cause a leak, and poor quality adhesive volatile performance is poor, can not reach the strength requirements, the author once found a poor adhesive in the two days did not dry, pipe and pipe between the incredibly can also rotate, so must strengthen the material into the governance, strict purchase quality clearance, du inferior into the site. Tubing, pipe fittings and adhesives shall be supplied by the same regular factory.Drainage Pipe

In the drainage riser installation, the construction unit in order to save cost, often leakage or less installed telescopic joints, this is not in line with the requirements of the specification. Because of a plastic, expansion will be relatively large, that is, by the effect of the temperature of the expansion of the steel pipe, we sometimes see the uPVC drainage pipe in the joint is sliding out or bending phenomenon, is due to leakage or less expansion joints, or the expansion of the size is not set good reason.Drainage Pipe

At each level of the horizontal pipe and riser, the construction staff often use 90-degree tee as a connecting piece, in fact this is wrong, such a practice has a few disadvantages: easy to plug, horizontal branch pipe flow is not smooth, drainage system turbulence is relatively large, in the case of no special ventilation pipe, sanitary ware water seals easily destroyed, The poisonous and noxious odor inside the drainage channel enters indoors, affecting people's living office. The right thing to do is to set up a miter tee here.Drainage Pipe