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Performance Classification Of Hydraulic Suction Hose Pipe

Hydraulic rubber hose is divided into high-pressure hose and low pressure hose two kinds, high-pressure hose for wire weaving, winding hose, generally by the outer plastic layer, steel wire reinforced layer, the middle layer and the inner layer 4 parts of the glue, the inner rubber layer directly contact with hydraulic oil, generally made of synthetic rubber. The carrying capacity of the hose depends on the reinforcing layer of the steel wire, which is the skeleton of the hose, which is usually woven by wire.Hydraulic Suction Hose Pipe

High-pressure, ultra-high-pressure multi-layer wire weaving, winding skeleton; low-pressure hose to weave cotton, twine instead of braided steel wire, generally used in low-pressure oil pipeline. The main fault reasons of hydraulic hose are: improper installation and use, unreasonable system design and unqualified hose manufacturing.Hydraulic Suction Hose Pipe 

The appearance of the hose cracks in the cold environment, the appearance of cracks in the hose will cause the hose to be bent. If the surface of the hose is found to crack, pay attention to observe whether the rubber hose cracks, and decide whether to replace the hose immediately. Therefore, in the cold environment do not feel free to move the hose or repair hydraulic system, if necessary, should be carried out indoors. If you need to work in colder environment for a long time, you should replace the cold resistant hose.Hydraulic Suction Hose Pipe Hose not cracked but a large number of seepage oil if the hose did not find a rupture but a large amount of oil seepage, the reason is that the hose through high-pressure liquid flow, the glue is erosion, abrasion, until a large area leakage of steel wire layer leading to a large amount of seepage oil. This fault generally occurs at the bend of the pipe, should check the replacement hose, and ensure that the hose in the use of the bending radius to meet technical requirements.Hydraulic Suction Hose Pipe 

The rubber layer of hose is badly deteriorated, and the surface appears micro-crack which is the performance of long time natural aging of hose. Due to aging deterioration, the outer layer of continuous oxidation of its surface embrittlement, with the extension of time to deepen the embrittlement layer, hose in use as long as the slight bending, will produce a small crack. In this case, the hose should be replaced.Hydraulic Suction Hose Pipe