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Method For Installation Of Indoor Drainage Pipe

     Before the installation of carefully familiar with the drawings, see the composition of the knot, decorate the building drawings, related equipment, professional drawings, check the high coordinate of the pipeline whether there is a cross, the space occupied by the pipeline is reasonable, the problem in time with the design and the personnel research to resolve the change in the negotiation record Drainage Pipe
     The broken tube should be flat, with the special Cut pipe tool (scissors, cutting machine) bonding before the socket should enter the test, not all inserted, generally for the 3/4 depth of the socket, test-insert qualified, with cotton cloth will be required to adhere to the part of the water, dust wipe clean. If there is oil to be removed from ethyl acetone. With a brush daub adhesive, first daub the socket after the mouth, then force vertically inserted, insert bonding when the mouth will be slightly rotated to facilitate the distribution evenly, about 30 seconds to a minute can be glued firmly. The adhesive will be wiped clean immediately after being firm.Drainage Pipe
    Pipe installation should be in accordance with the design coordinates, elevation, field pull line to determine the direction of drainage slope to do a good job, hanger. After all adhesion, the pipeline should be straight, the slope is even, and the position of each reserved port is accurate. After the completion of the dry tube installation should be closed water test, after qualifying will be reserved for sealing and plugging holes.Drainage Pipe
    According to the design position of piping system and sanitation equipment, combined with the requirements of the size of the drainage orifice and the construction of the drain pipe, with the construction of the civil construction, reserving the pipe opening or reserving the fittings on the wall, the beam and the floor slab, checking the position and dimension of each reserved hole, and carrying on the measurement according to the direction of the pipeline and the Draw the actual sample drawings and specify the dimensions.Drainage Pipe
    According to the actual sample plan, select the qualified pipe and pipe fittings for piping and cutting. When the prefabricated pipe sections are completed, the size of the joints and the interface of the fittings should be checked according to the sample diagram. According to the specification, select the support and fixed bracket form, and determine the supporting parts specification and quantity; Drainage Pipe
   After the civil wall surface is whitewashed, the material and the prefabricated pipe can be transported to the installation location, and the pipe and the expansion joints are installed in turn, according to the position of the reserved pipe outlet and the centerline and connect the pipe mouth; the fire casing or fire trap is arranged outside the pipe line before the floor of the fire casing or fire resistance ring is installed, then the pipe interface is connected.Drainage Pipe