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Main Use And Material Properties Of Drainage Pipe

    Drainage pipe specifications have pipe diameter do (100mm -3000mm), Length lo (1m-20m) pressure index, Shan grade Shan grade Shan caliber is divided into: flat mouth, Enterprise mouth, socket socket, double socket, steel socket.
    Production of reinforced concrete drainage equipment: mixing system, mold (flat mouth, enterprise mouth, socket socket, double socket, steel socket), molding equipment (centrifuge, suspension roller machine, vertical axial extrusion molding machine, vertical radial extrusion machine, core-mode vibration hydraulic forming machine, vertical radial extrusion molding machine, core-mode vibrating hydraulic forming machine, vibrating forming device, feeder, steel plate frame rolling welder, hydraulic press, external press, etc.Drainage Pipe
    Main use: 1. Highway longitudinal, transverse drainage and water permeability; 2. The back and side vertical and horizontal drainage of all kinds of retaining wall of expressway; 3. Drainage of tunnels and underground roads; 4. Municipal engineering, water purification plant, sewage treatment plant, landfill and other water supply and drainage; 5. (a) The drainage of recreational green spaces, such as golf courses, sports grounds and parks; 6. Slope soil and water conservation in hillside development; 7. Underground drainage of the whole land project.Drainage Pipe
    Product Technology: 1 vertical pressure to the outside diameter of 40%, immediately unloading, sample does not rupture, not delamination. 2 temperature in 0 Shan, height of 1M, with weight of 1Kg heavy hammer, impact 10 times, should be more than nine times without cracking. 3, the inner wall evenly smooth, the permeable hole evenly hits at the trough height 1/2 below, hits in the trough height 1/2 above the hole number not to be larger than the total 10%. 4, permeable area Roct M2 M. 5, longitudinal retraction rate ≤ 3%. 6, bending degree Shang. 7, ring stiffness Sing. 3kn M2 Drainage Pipe
    There is a ripple on the pipe surface. Reason: The cooling is not sufficient, the size of the sealing ring is unsuitable, forming the vibration phenomenon. Solution: Increase the size of the diameter sleeve inlet or increase the distance between the mouth touch and the fixed diameter sleeve. Check the vacuum Groove seal ring size is small, if small, replace or properly reduce the first section vacuum groove vacuum, increase the second section vacuum groove vacuum. The surface has a hemp point (mainly the inner wall) is not bright. Reasons: Melt temperature is not suitable or raw materials have problems, raw materials contain impurities, mouth touch and core feel between the inner wall clean up, local temperature too high cause aging. Solution: Check the raw material, clean or transition for a period of time, check the temperature sensor. Pipe surface pits. Reason: Raw material tide, bubble burst, fixed diameter sleeve water is uneven. Solution: Raw material drying, adjust the amount of water or change the fixed diameter sleeve. There are bright spots on the surface. Reason: The water quantity of fixed diameter sleeve is insufficient. Solution: Increase the size of the fixed diameter sleeve or change the volume of large diameter sets. The inner and outer wall is axially rough. Reason: The moisture content of raw materials is too high. Solution: Raw material drying treatment surface waterline. Reason: fixed diameter sleeve local Casson jam, cause individual Casson water quantity is too big. Solution: Clear the sizing sleeve, the inner wall groove (appearing in the wall thick pipe more). Reason: wall thickness is too thick, melt is difficult to cool, produce flow. Solution: The central cooling system is used to reduce the temperature of the mouth touch and the core touch.Drainage Pipe