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Introduction Of Installation Method Of Drainage Pipe

The positive tee (positive four pass) is loaded into the vertical pipe and the transverse branch pipe connection, causes the junction to form the water tongue flow, the transverse branch pipe flow is not smooth, the drainage system pressure fluctuation is big, the sanitary appliance's water seal is easy to be destroyed, the drainage pipeline's poisonous harmful gas invades indoors, causes the environmental pollution. The right thing to do is to install 45 here. Oblique tee or three times tee.Drainage Pipe

Connection between drain riser and drainage pipe connecting tube in some high-rise buildings, designers often need to enlarge the pipe diameter of the household tube at the time of design, and the construction is usually at the bottom of the riser with two 45 of the same diameter as the riser pipe. Elbow connection, and then in the discharge tube on the variable diameter, often easily in connection with the formation of gas plug, resulting in pipe blockage, affecting the drainage of pipelines. The correct approach is to use the tube at the bottom of the riser to enlarge the elbow, and the reducer with eccentric reducer, eccentric side in the round side of the turn.Drainage Pipe

The expansion joints are installed because of the large line swell of the PVC-U drainage pipe, and the larger the expansion of the temperature changes. In the drainage riser installation. To install expansion joints, but how to install, where to install, the construction unit is not very clear. At the same time in the construction of the transverse branch pipe is often not properly installed telescopic joints or not to install telescopic joints, and in accordance with the requirements of the standard, drainage horizontal branch pipe, dry pipe, appliance ventilation pipe, annular ventilation pipe and the confluence of the pipe without convergence of the straight line section of the pipe is greater than 2 m, should be a telescopic joint, and drainage transverse branch pipe should be a special expansion section. And the maximum spacing between telescopic sections shall not be greater than 4 m.Drainage Pipe Construction units often think that as long as the drainage pipe with telescopic joints can meet the requirements of the specification, even the expansion section as a connecting pipe, resulting in leakage, seepage, the correct way is the expansion joints should be the direction of the water flow, when the drainage branch in the bottom of the floor to access the vertical tube when the expansion joints should be set in the water confluence pipe under When the drainage pipe is connected with the riser at the top of the floor, the expansion joint shall be arranged on the water confluence pipe; At the same time, when the riser passes through the floor for fixed support, the expansion joint shall not be fixed, and when the contraction joint is fixed, the riser shall not be fixed through the floor. The expansion joint should be arranged on the upstream end of the water confluence pipe.Drainage Pipe