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Improvement Design Of Hydraulic Suction Hose Pipe

           In the maintenance process of the equipment (if its moving arm from the turntable) found, because at this time the part of the space size (dynamic arm plus bracket width) Increased nearly 1 time times, regardless of placement or lifting is inconvenient, the hose bracket is relatively poor stiffness, the phenomenon of bending deformation is very easy to occur; During the operation of the equipment, the relative hose bracket of the hydraulic hose not only often occurs before and after movement, but also produces frequent sway, and the collision and extrusion between the front and back of the bracket will occur at the same time before and after motion. The length of some bracket design itself is wrong, and the hose and bracket are always squeezed and rubbed.Hydraulic Suction Hose Pipe

           Causes the hydraulic hose surface and the baffle angle to produce the interference contact, during the product test, has the hose to cut the phenomenon. With the equipment to use the time of the base Plus, the extent of the hose damage and the consequences of self-evident, directly caused by premature scrap hose, seriously affect the reliability of the machine. In view of the drawbacks of the above-mentioned hose brackets, the new bracket structure improved is shown in Fig. 2. The connection form between the bracket and the rotary-digging maneuver arm, compared with the original structure to increase the cushion block, screws and other parts, the upper and lower branches of the right side of the bar to cancel the edge of the plate structure, with a cylindrical connector and flexible rotation of the seamless pipe replacement, and use bolts and up and down the rod connected into one.Hydraulic Suction Hose Pipe

          The cushion in the new bracket can be welded to the moving arm together with the bracket when the assembly is connected to a small assembly, or as one of the moving arm parts, which is first welded into a moving arm assembly with the other parts of the moving arm. Before assembling the hydraulic hose, install the remaining parts of the bracket. Removable arm can be removed in advance, to ensure convenient loading and unloading, and will not cause the hose bracket and other objects to cause deformation. The new bracket is the biggest advantage: Hydraulic hose and bracket all may contact the position, all have the flexible rotating seamless steel tube, fundamentally solves the bracket damage hydraulic hose difficult problem. If the position of the bracket is assigned, there are other protrusions, which can be solved by adding the height of the cushion in the new bracket; If the hose is more, almost full of the cradle, in the hose around can be equipped with seamless pipe structure, not only more reasonable practicality, its stiffness has been further strengthened, layout is also more beautiful.Hydraulic Suction Hose Pipe