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Field Application Of CPVC Electric Protection Pipe

It can be widely used in valve pipe industry all over the world, the main reason lies in the production technology innovation and the development of technology application, many cases prove that because of the application of technology or even lag behind, which hinders the normal hair length of the product. such as the performance conditions in uPVC and CPVC, the calculation of the use of the safe operation of the relevant parameters, not only to expand the product to other related areas of use, which for the development of the valve piping products, it is absolutely positive.CPVC Electric Protection Pipe

uPVC and CPVC pipelines have been widely used in various fields, its excellent quality and performance has also been recognized by the broad masses of customers, but because many customers in the pipeline construction and installation and use in accordance with the specifications of the operation, so that the pipeline in the normal operation of the leakage of the problem, causing customers to the quality of the company's pipelines to doubt, Therefore, in view of this problem, we hereby discuss the practical application of UPVC and CPVC piping as well as the construction installation and daily maintenance, hoping to have substantial help for all customers.CPVC Electric Protection Pipe

Application of UPVC pressure pipe the medium of uPVC pressure pipeline or pipe network can include living water, waste water and other media, and must bear certain pressure when conveying medium. There are two kinds of installation methods of pressure piping, such as buried laying and laying in buildings.CPVC Electric Protection Pipe

Buried laying of pressure pipelines for buried pipelines, generally large-caliber pipe, but also do not exclude small-caliber pipe using buried laying method. This pipeline in the application design and installation of construction should focus on the following aspects: The corrosion degree of the uPVC material by the medium the uPVC material has good chemical resistance, in general, if the temperature of the conveying medium is 20 ℃ to the right, most acid and alkali substances can be transported except for the high concentration of acid and alkali. In the design of uPVC piping, the work pressure, the medium temperature and the degree of corrosion should be considered comprehensively, to determine the pressure level of the pipe, table (A) for UPVC plastic pipes for several common chemical corrosion resistance characteristics, can be used for reference.CPVC Electric Protection Pipe