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Extruding Process Of UPVC Water Supply You Know What?

Hard PVC pipe is the leading product of plastic pipe in China at present. UPVC Water Pipe Pipe Fittings Science and technology project, after more than more than 10 years of technical development and application practice, whether in the production of products or in practical engineering applications, have accumulated a large number of theoretical and practical experience. Wood S4 properties and production technology, hard poly chloro ethyl is a thermoplastic, its finished products upvc pipe lighter, density is $date (n1460k8/m3 (steel for 7800kg/m3), the card softening temperature 86 ℃, tensile, bending, compressive strength is higher, but the impact strength is relatively low.UPVC Water Supply

uPVC pipe is generally used extrusion molding process, extruder is divided into single screw, twin screw, in terms of extrusion process, twin-screw extruder is superior to single screw extruder. At present, the domestic production of a diameter greater than equal to 63mm of flexible interface (r) pipe, the caliber of the following 63mm can also be used flexible joint way to connect. It can be said that the bonding interface (T-s) mode will gradually be replaced by the flexible interface, which is the trend. Parts, hand-made parts of the way has been basically eliminated, in recent years, manufacturers have produced the use of bonding way connection, elbow, etc., but also the use of steel plastic parts replacement. April 99, the caliber 100mm, 150mm, 200mm three kinds, basically satisfies the community uPVC water supply pipeline project demand.UPVC Water Supply

UPVC water pipe is mainly applicable to the outdoor water supply pipeline, the domestic statistics show that the selection of the caliber of more than 250mm and below. In the construction of water supply (indoor water), uPVC Pipe also has applications, but the effect is not ideal. In recent years, with the rise of polypropylene, poly-butene, crosslinked polyethylene and aluminum-plastic composite pipe, uPVC Pipe will quickly discuss the construction water supply engineering field.UPVC Water Supply