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Drainage Pipe Embedding Requirements

Drainage Pipe What is the requirement of the drainage pipe laying? With the contemporary architectural façade more elegant, the indoor drainage system has been recognized by the public use.

Drainage Pipe Now, what is the requirement for us to explain the commencement of drainage pipes? Here's a list of some:

1, Drainage Pipe in the drainage pipeline transverse zoning of the subgrade construction units;

2, Drainage Pipe slotted: According to plan drawings arranged and surveying good location, arrange the position of artificial slot. Make sure the cable groove and cable straight shun;

3, Drainage Pipe take over: each a PVC pipe interface must be set up 2 rings to avoid leakage;

4, Drainage Pipe under the tube: the bottom of the washing trough, according to the length of the groove set up the connection pipe, pipe into the groove, in the central divider and side-end to bind linen to avoid debris into the pipeline.

5, Drainage Pipe Buried: The selection of excavation of the fine soil buried, or the use of fine sand buried, must be cleared of gravel, buried after the need artificial tamping, buried after the top is not too high;

6, Drainage Pipe clean up residual soil backfill, immediately dismantle the appearance, clean the road, will not be arbitrarily demolished on the road.