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Domestic Waste Plastic Particles Pelleting Technology Continues To Improve

Recycling of waste plastic is already the world's countries are facing challenges, opportunities which the enterprise should pay attention to, and development of recovery and recycling at the same time, global, international recycling markets full of boundless opportunity.

Development potential of domestic plastic products, plastic applications growing, and people related to the food, clothing, shelter and transportation are all closely related to plastics, has become an integral part of people's lives, it can be said where someone can see plastic, plastic products industry is both a source of waste plastics, waste plastics consumption market.

In the 90 's of the last century, discarded plastic bottles in many places are everywhere. Later with the continuous improvement of domestic waste plastic bottle recycling technology, led to the army of plastic bottle recycling, plastic bottle recycling rates increase, PET plastic bottle recovery rate has been very high now, and even between various industries in order to compete for resources recycled plastic bottles and the prices, domestic resources from waste plastic bottles of rising tensions. Started to affect the relevant textile, packaging industry and so on.