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Development Of Domestic Waste Plastics Particle Machine

According to China's current production capacity of waste plastic granulator and export potential, increasing the export of waste plastic granulator is one fundamental way to China's further development, industry development in our country so quickly?

Waste plastic granulator sector that has become one of the fastest-growing industry, demand continues to increase. Waste plastic granulator industry rapid development mainly in the following two factors: first, the rapid development of domestic plastics processing industries, strong demand for waste plastic granulator; second, brought about by the demand for high technology equipment, and upgrading of equipment and the Elimination of obsolete equipment.

We must make full use of opportunities offered by the WTO, development of waste plastics granulator industry development space. Waste plastic granulator in China is an export powerhouse, but years exports have been 5%--10% of the total sales value, with waste plastic granulator powers such as Italy's exports accounted for around half of its GDP compared to is very pretty.