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Detailed Explanation Of CPVC Electric Protection Pipe

     The main characteristics of CPVC system, material performance balance characteristics: Long service life of production equipment, minimum downtime and strong environmental adaptability are key factors in the success of the industry. But in industries where corrosion can reduce equipment life, hinder production, and may cause environmental events, it is challenging to achieve these success factors.CPVC Electric Protection Pipe

     These industries often require the use of the processing equipment material can be durable in the harsh industrial environment. Obviously, this indicates that the additive needs a kind of economical material, not only to be able to resist corrosion, but also to provide mechanical strength and safety performance. The industrial system is designed to address these special needs. Of course, there are also a considerable amount of material can also be used to resist corrosion, but because of Corzan CPVC unique performance of the characteristics of the balance, it became a temporary choice of industrial materials.CPVC Electric Protection Pipe

     Corrosion resistance, many industries used chemical agents will corrode metal equipment, resulting in the process of leakage, process restrictions and equipment early scrap and so on. The industrial system is reactive to most inorganic acids, salts, aliphatic hydrocarbons and other substances. In addition, the system will not be affected by current corrosion. Therefore, the industrial system in many applications can replace the traditional materials, and provide a longer product life, low maintenance, and has excellent environmental adaptability and so on. Of course, the actual application effectiveness of any material depends entirely on a clear operating environment.CPVC Electric Protection Pipe

     The mechanical strength of the system becomes the main design parameter when the metal has to be replaced by nonmetal material because of its corrosion. To ensure safe and reliable operation, non-metallic materials must be provided with sufficient mechanical strength to meet design standards, such as maximum operating pressure, mechanical strength at high temperature, service life of the equipment, and integrity of the structure. CPVC Electric Protection Pipe

     There are many non-metallic materials that do not have enough tension to meet the pressure requirements of the processing, especially at high temperatures. However, the piping system provides the required operating tension of up to 93 ℃. In addition, the piping system can be expected to maintain a pressure load for up to 50 years, or longer.CPVC Electric Protection Pipe