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Detailed Delivery Of UPVC Water Supply

UPVC pipe is a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin as raw material, plasticizer without plastic pipe. With the development of chemical industry technology, can now produce non-toxic pipe, so it has the general performance of PVC, but also increased the number of excellent performance, specifically it has the advantages of good corrosion resistance and softness, and thus Especially for water supply pipe network. UPVC Water Supply

Because it is not conductive, it is not easy to acid, alkali, salt electrochemical reaction, acid, alkali, salt are difficult to corrosion it, so no external anti-corrosion coating and lining.UPVC Water Supply

When the same diameter of the tube to transport the same liquid, UPVC pipe than the galvanized pipe, cast iron pipe resistance of about 30%; when the head loss is the same, UPVC pipe water delivery capacity than cast iron pipe more than 20%. As the UPVC pipe wall is smooth, the liquid flow will not scale, so its delivery capacity will not be reduced with the running time.UPVC Water Supply

And this is precisely the galvanized pipe and cast iron pipe can not overcome the shortcomings. With the continuous development of reform and opening up, people's living standards continue to improve, the quality of tap water requirements are getting higher and higher. In addition to ensuring that the water supply industry in line with drinking water standards, but also must be passed through the pipe network of qualified water.UPVC Water Supply

People on the tap water, "yellow water" and "black water" and other phenomena reflect the strong, and guide pipe network water quality deterioration is mainly due to corrosion of water pipes, especially cold galvanized pipe, the tube wall of the coating is unstable, The use of a year or so does not take a long time to start corrosion, resulting in iron smell and color, buried in the underground galvanized pipe corrosion is more serious. UPVC Water Supply

While the UPVC tube is resistant to corrosion. No scaling, can inhibit the growth of bacteria, is conducive to the protection of water quality from the secondary pollution of the pipeline. So UPVC pipe has a wide range of applications, especially before the user water meter can be used in a large number of buried pipe.UPVC Water Supply