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CPVC Electric Protection Pipe Electrical Protection Tube

In the performance conditions of uPVC and CPVC, the relevant parameters of safe operation are calculated, which can be extended to other related areas of use, which is absolutely positive for the development of the valve piping products. However, the Association of UPVC and CPVC pipeline has been widely used in a variety of fields, its excellent quality and performance has been recognized by the broad masses of customers, but because many customers in the pipeline construction and installation and use of not in accordance with the norms required operation.CPVC Electric Protection Pipe

As a result of the pipeline in the normal operation of the leakage problem, to cause customers to the quality of the company's pipeline, therefore, in view of this problem, we hereby discuss the practical application of uPVC and CPVC pipeline and the construction installation and routine maintenance, and hope to have substantial help to all customers.CPVC Electric Protection Pipe Pipe connection form of the choice of pipe connection in the form of two kinds: a rigid connection, that is, the end of the pipe into a flat expansion, a bonding agent is applied on the inner wall of the expanding port and the inserting end of the pipe, then the pipe is inserted into the flat diffuser, or the two pipes connected by the pipe hoop will be joined, that is, the bonding agent is applied in the two sockets of the pipe hoop respectively, The tube is coated with a bonding agent on one end of two tubes, and the tubing is inserted at both ends of the pipe hoop.CPVC Electric Protection Pipe

The bonding method is called solvent bonding, the reliability of which depends on the quality of the bonding agent, the diameter of the flat diffuser or the pipe hoop, the degree of fit with the size of the insertion tube, and the degree of the combined cleaning treatment. This connection method is suitable for the pipe with outside diameter ≦50mm, through the rigid connection pipeline does not have the elasticity, in encounters the cold expansion and the pressure condition cannot scale, therefore in the pipeline design also must add the extension section to guarantee the pipeline expansion.CPVC Electric Protection Pipe