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Characteristics Of UPVC Water Supply

   UPVC Pipe is a plastic pipe with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin as raw material without plasticizer. With the development of chemical industry technology, can now produce non-toxic grade pipe, so it has a general performance of polyvinyl chloride, but also added some excellent performance, in particular, it has the advantages of corrosion resistance and good softness, so it is particularly applicable to water supply pipe network. Because it is not conductive, so it is not easy with acid, alkali, salt occurrence of electrochemical reaction, acid, alkali, salts difficult to corrode it, so do not need external anti-corrosion coating and liner. And the softness is good this overcomes the past shortcoming of the plastic pipe brittleness, under the load action can produce yielding without rupture.UPVC Water Supply
   The uPVC tube also has light weight. The advantages of convenient transportation. The proportion of uPVC pipe is about 1.4 (the proportion of cast iron pipe is about 7.4), which is one-fifth of the weight of cast iron pipe, and the use of UPVC pipe can save transportation cost 1 10-5. Its handling, loading and unloading construction is very convenient. Often the water supply pipeline construction environment is more arduous, the construction site muddy, if can reduce the worker's labor intensity, shortens the construction cycle that is the most ideal matter. The use of UPVC pipe can achieve this ideal. uPVC Tube Lightweight, in the installation process can be moved manually, generally do not need to use machinery. For example, a DN200 long 6m upvc tube is about 55Kg, and the same diameter of the length of the cast iron pipe weight of 304Kg, the installation of UPVC pipe One person carried on the line, and cast iron pipes need three or with machinery to fall tube, this greatly reduces the labor intensity and save the working hours and construction costs.UPVC Water Supply
   The type of connection is not required to dig another work pits can be directly installed in the trench, no need to use oil hemp or expansion cement, such as interface, can be used manually hoist or the end of the pipe socket with the hands of the rubber ring directly into the socket, inserted in the depth of the visible tube tail mark. Both UPVC and PE pipes are thermoplastic pipes with a common characteristic side, but in scalability. Heat resistance requirements. Anti-Aging and other technical characteristics are also different.UPVC Water Supply