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Characteristic Analysis Of UPVC Water Supply

     UPVC Pipe is a plastic pipe with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin as raw material without plasticizer. With the development of chemical industry technology, can now produce non-toxic grade pipe, so it has a general performance of polyvinyl chloride, but also added some excellent performance, in particular, it has the advantages of corrosion resistance and good softness, so it is particularly applicable to water supply pipe network. Because it is not conductive, so it is not easy with acid, alkali, salt occurrence of electrochemical reaction, acid, alkali, salts difficult to corrode it, so do not need external anti-corrosion coating and lining.UPVC Water Supply

     And the softness is good this overcomes the past shortcoming of the plastic pipe brittleness, under the load action can produce yielding without rupture. I have done this before: put a dn50mm upvc pipe on the ground, the Crown 3.0 car on the above, the tube is flat, but not broken. Then we let the cars loaded with cargo from the pipe, the same pipe is only deformed without fragmentation. In addition, the small elastic modulus of UPVC tube can reduce the pressure impact amplitude so as to reduce the impact of water hammer.UPVC Water Supply

     PVC pipe wall Smooth, small resistance (upvc pipe resistance coefficient of 0.009, and the general galvanized pipe. The resistance coefficient of cast iron pipe is 0.012-0.013, so it is obvious that the hydraulic condition is good. When transporting the same liquid with the same pipe diameter, the resistance of uPVC pipe is about 30% less than that of galvanized pipe and cast iron pipe, and the water conveyance capacity of uPVC pipe is more than 20% of that of cast iron pipe when the head loss is at the same time. Because the pipe wall of uPVC is smooth, the liquid does not scale in the internal flow, so its conveying ability will not decrease with the increase of running time. And this is the galvanized pipe and cast iron.UPVC Water Supply

     An insurmountable shortcoming. With the development of the reform and opening-up, people's living standard is increasing and the demand for the quality of tap water is more and more high. In addition to ensuring that the water supply industry conforms to the standard of drinking water, it is also necessary to pass through the pipe network. People's "Yellow Water" "Blackwater" and other phenomena in tap water are strongly reflected, and the main reason for the deterioration of the water quality of the conduit network is the corrosion of the water supply pipe, in particular, the cold galvanized pipe, the wall of the coating is not stable, pipe use year not long time began to rust, resulting in the water has iron smell and color, buried in the underground galvanized pipe rust more serious.UPVC Water Supply