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Application Scope Of CPVC Electric Protection Pipe

   Electric protection tube without a lot of dredging, excavation and destruction of the road, completed in the roads, railways, buildings, river bed and other sections of the laying of pipelines, cables. Compared with the traditional "grooved pipe", it is more suitable for the current environmental protection requirements, to remove the dust caused by the traditional construction, traffic congestion and other disturbing factors, but also can solve some of the excavation operations can not be implemented in the pipeline, CPVC electrical protection tube special use advantage.

    1, CPVC electrical protection tube density of 1350-1500KG / M3, the weight of the general pressure pipe of the same 1/10, 1/6 of the steel, transport and installation convenient.CPVC Electric Protection Pipe

    2, the construction is convenient, with significant economic benefits: CPVC high voltage power pipe joints, waterproof seals, brackets and other components. Reasonable design, easy construction, no need to pour the protective layer of concrete, the use of a combination of stents is to link, shorten the construction period, no radioactive carcinogens, with significant economic and social benefits.CPVC Electric Protection Pipe

    3, excellent corrosion resistance: CPV electrical protection tube C acid, alkali, salt and other chemical solvents corrosion, case of grease is not cracking.

    4, high strength, flame retardant, smoke suppression, heat, long life: CPVC high voltage power pipe completely overcome the shortcomings of ordinary PVC pipe weather resistance. Its strength can replace the steel pipe and overcome the corrosion of the steel pipe and the formation of closed magnetic circuit caused by single-core cable temperature is too high and damage the phenomenon; CPVC pipe flame retardant grade is FV-0 level, which itself can not burn, Index ≥ 40%, the basic heat transfer, linear expansion coefficient of 6.3 * 10-5CM / CM ℃ Vicat softening temperature ≥ 93 ℃, can be used at 105 ℃ temperature.CPVC Electric Protection Pipe

    5, cost-effective advantages: CPVC electrical protection pipe is slightly lower than similar cement pressure pipe, 20% lower than similar steel, comprehensive cost can be reduced by 15%.CPVC Electric Protection Pipe

    CPVC electrical protection tube is CPVC resin as masterbatch, adding anti-Chong agent, stabilizer and other auxiliary materials made by high-speed extrusion. The product has high strength, good flexibility, high temperature, corrosion resistance, flame retardant, good insulation performance, no pollution, easy aging, light weight, easy construction and other characteristics, the performance indicators by the national, provincial testing, signed And certification, have reached or exceeded the level of similar domestic products. Product performance is superior to the traditional asbestos cable row pipe and ordinary PVC pipe, is the traditional power cable sheathing the ideal alternative.

    CPVC electrical protection tube completely overcome the shortcomings of PVC pipe resistance harsh. The strength of the replacement tube to overcome the corrosion of the steel pipe corrosion caused by a single high-temperature cable closed the magnetic circuit and damage the appearance; CPVC pipe flame retardant grade is FV-0 level itself does not burn, off the fire, oxygen index greater than or equal to 40% Basic heat transfer, linear expansion coefficient 6.3 × 10 cm / cm ℃ and Vicat softening temperature greater than or equal to 93 degrees Celsius.CPVC Electric Protection Pipe

    CPVC electrical protection tubes are generally used in the construction and reconstruction of urban power grids, as well as residential and industrial park construction projects; also can be used in the construction of telecommunications in telecommunications, cable television signal network cable and cable laying Casing network.