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Application Prospect Of CPVC Electric Protection Pipe

    CPVC is a new type of engineering plastics with wide application foreground. Resin from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin modified by chlorination, is a new type of engineering plastics. The product is white or light yellow tasteless, odorless, non-toxic loose particles or powders. After chlorination of PVC resin, the irregularity of molecule bond increases, polarity increases, the solubility of resin increases, chemical stability increases, so the heat resistance, acid resistance, alkali, salt and oxidant corrosion of the material are improved. The mechanical properties of the thermal deformation temperature were improved, the chlorine content increased from 56.7% to 63-69, and the softening temperature of the Shan was increased from 72-82 to 90-125 Shan, the maximum use temperature was up to 110 Shan, and the long-term use temperature was 95 Shan. Among them Corzan CPVC Performance index is more excellent.CPVC Electric Protection Pipe
    Use: Pipe: CPVC mainly used in the production of sheet metal, bar, pipe conveying hot water and corrosive media, in no more than 100 Shan can maintain sufficient strength, and in a higher pressure can be used for a long time. The weight of the CPVC is 1/6 of brass, 1/5 of steel, and has very low thermal conductivity, so the pipe made with CPVC is light in weight and good in heat insulation. The CPVC tube can be used as the hot sewer pipe of the factory, the Electroplating solution pipeline, the hot chemical reagent transportation pipe, the chlor-alkali plant's wet chlorine pipeline. Injection molded parts: CPVC resin can produce pipe fittings, filtration materials, dehydration machines, etc., but also can produce electrical and electronic parts. such as the wire trough, the protective layer of the conductor, the electric switch, the protective cover of the fuse, the insulating material of the cable etc. Calendering sheet: Can be used to manufacture chemical resistance, corrosion-resistant chemicals, such as reactors, valves, electrolytic tanks and so on.CPVC Electric Protection Pipe
     Composites: CPVC Composites made of CPVC and some inorganic or organic fibres have good impact resistance, heat resistance is better than other resin composite materials, can be made into sheet, pipe, corrugated plate, profile and so on. CPVC can be used for copolymer fiber modification: Domestic copolymer fiber washing temperature must not exceed 60 Shan, in the textile copolymer when adding 30% CPVC, can greatly improve the heat resistance of products, shrinkage rate from the original 50% to below 10%. Foaming material: CPVC foamed material is better than PVC foaming material. High temperature shrinkage rate is quite small, can be used as hot water pipe, steam pipe insulation materials. CPVC with a chlorine content greater than 60% is quite good for the retention of solvents, CPVC can be placed in the heat can produce gas in the solvent foaming, can be homogeneous, microporous foaming gas, can be 50-160 Shan of the boiling point of hydrocarbons, ethers, aldehydes and other solvents as foaming agent. Other, CPVC with thermoplastic or thermosetting plastic blends can significantly improve the physical and mechanical properties of these materials, such as the heat-resistant products can be improved. Abroad also through the production process improvement to prepare a higher impact resistance, transparency and better CPVC, this transparent material can be used in automobiles, optical discs, audio-visual products, with good economic benefits.CPVC Electric Protection Pipe