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Application Of Hydraulic Suction Hose Pipe In Industry

Hose drip irrigation in the greenhouse greenhouse is widely used, is designed for its production and the development of water-saving irrigation technology, so that the local local moist, no water and water vapor evaporation is relatively small. Its composition is a double on the drip irrigation with a direct laying on the crop Qimian irrigation, for indoor plants to provide a good environment.Hydraulic Suction Hose Pipe

Specific methods: irrigation water, the first off the applicator pipette valve, and then open the valve to the maximum, and then connected to the water, you can irrigation. When applying fertilizer, turn off the valve, open the switch of the applicator pipette, fix the filter at the bottom of the fertilizer solution bucket, turn on the water, and fertilize it. After the end of fertilization, but also close the switch on the straw, and open the valve to continue to water, so that the tube of residual fertilizer out of the tube.Hydraulic Suction Hose Pipe

To have a clean water, if the water is greater than 0.8mm suspended solids, will have to add the network filter, to purify the water quality. Tap water and well water are usually not filtered. During the installation process, to prevent scratches, puncture drip irrigation or supervisor, field operation should also pay attention. Hydraulic Suction Hose Pipe

After fertilization must be a period of irrigation water, to prevent fertilizer and other substances plug the orifice. In order to prevent the accumulation of impurities such as sediment in the tube caused by clogging, should be one by one to open the drip irrigation and the tail of the competent, increase the flow of washing.Hydraulic Suction Hose Pipe

Hose selected special synthetic rubber with, made of excellent oil, heat, aging resistance. High pressure hose, pulse performance is superior. The tubes are tightly packed, soft and deformed under pressure. Hose has excellent resistance to winding and fatigue resistance.Hydraulic Suction Hose Pipe

Hydraulic hoses are essential components for large and medium-sized construction machinery where hydraulic actuators are large. The hose baffle design is essential for the appearance of the machine and the protection of the hose. In order to avoid the use of hose accidental mechanical scratches.Hydraulic Suction Hose Pipe