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Analysis On Material Of UPVC Water Supply

In our country water distribution network application of plastic pipe is mainly PVC tube. PE pipe application is relatively late, also relatively few. In the past ten years, with the development and application of PE pipeline in European water supply industry, PE pipe has been paid attention to by people. In particular, the recent PVC is increasingly subject to environmental pressure, the PVC pipe in the heavy metal lead, cadmium content is not exceeded, these make PE pipe more and more people's attention.UPVC Water Supply

The state vigorously popularized and applied uPVC pipe, and formulated a series of policies, systems, standards, but also accumulated a lot of experience. The development to today, already has the consummation product standard, the inspection method standard and the detection means, the Construction Engineering Technical specification and so on, thus unifies the product specification size and the quality target, realizes the product interchangeability. This shows that the development of PVC water supply pipeline has entered a mature stage, product quality and construction quality are guaranteed, thus ensuring the use of PVC water supply pipeline effect.UPVC Water Supply

Both theory and practical experience show that the Mrs and safety factor of PVC are much higher than PE, that is, the strength and safety of long-term use are higher than PE. Thus the same as the 75mm pipe, the use of PVC raw materials than the use of PE raw material production of pipe wall thickness, this is due to the PE material at room temperature and long-term strength is not as high as PVC, only by increasing the wall thickness to increase strength.UPVC Water Supply

 If the same wall thickness is taken, the PE pipe will not reach the required strength. If the same pipe diameter is taken, the PVC pipe can be larger than the PE pipe. Conversely, to achieve the same water loss, the need for a larger diameter PE pipe, the cost of the project has increased significantly. It is economical to use the high strength and rigidity of PVC material as water supply pipe.UPVC Water Supply Poly (PVC) is a polar macromolecule, more stable than monomer vinyl chloride (PE) and some small molecules, so it is less susceptible to environmental impact. However, the advent of crosslinked vinyl chloride and other polymers will improve in this regard.UPVC Water Supply