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Analysis Of Safety Factor Of UPVC Water Supply

The use of hard polyvinyl chloride upvc pipe is PVC resin at a certain temperature to add lead, tin, radium, mercury and other metal compounds as stabilizer melting, the first use of the pipeline has heavy metal precipitation.UPVC Water Supply 

A water plant for a, B, C, D, several manufacturers of UPVC tube produced an hour of lead dialysis experiment, the experimental conditions are: tube length 4m, flow velocity is 0.67m/h, the experimental results show that the concentration of lead precipitates decreases with time, but the water temperature and ph value have a great effect on the lead dialysis, ph When the value is neutral, the dialysis quantity is the smallest.UPVC Water Supply

The decrease or increase of PH value will increase the lead dialysis quantity of the pipe; the higher the water temperature, the longer the stay time in the pipe network, the greater the dialysis amount of lead. Construction UPVC Pipe, pipe diameter from φ20 to φ315, working pressure of 1.0 ~ 2.5MPa. Connection mode small-caliber for socket bonding, large caliber for socket bonding. The water supply temperature is not higher than 40 ℃. Because UPVC development early, the use of raw materials all domestic, low cost, the domestic market is larger.UPVC Water Supply

PVC's Mrs and safety factor are significantly higher than PE, that is, long-term use of strength and safety is higher than PE. Thus the same as the 75mm pipe, the use of PVC raw materials than the use of PE raw material production of pipe wall thickness, this is due to the PE material at room temperature and long-term strength is not as high as PVC, only by increasing the wall thickness to increase strength.UPVC Water Supply 

If the same wall thickness is taken, the PE pipe will not reach the required strength. If the same pipe diameter is taken, the PVC pipe can be larger than the PE pipe. Conversely, to achieve the same water loss, the need for a larger diameter PE pipe, the cost of the project has increased significantly. It is economical to use the high strength and rigidity of PVC material as water supply pipe.UPVC Water Supply