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How to operate in the production process of the waste plastics recycling machine

1, plastic recycler of use will need to be added the right amount of oil on a regular basis, can greatly reduce the appearance of friction, but also can effectively extend the life.

2, plastic recycling machine for a long time, fasteners for granulator people must work to make the check to see whether abnormal Lake comprehensive sign of softening. If these problems cannot be resolved in a timely manner, granulator in the use of various problems in the process of, for normal operation of granulation will also have an impact.

3, and plastic regeneration machine in using zhiqian people must to on such of production equipment active of do related of check work, this is need caused people height attention of problem, only through check only can know production shebi whether appeared loose, and aging and corrosion, various situation, for these exists of problem people must to timely of solution, only ensure its not exists any of exception, only can using.

Plastics recycler is a very common type of production equipment, but its effect is people have to pay great attention to the problem, only to correct using the plastic granulator, to ensure that it is running properly. In order to ensure the plastic recycling machine used to fully achieve the desired effect, people use must be in the process of selecting the correct mode of operation.