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Failure analysis of plastic extruder

Plastic extruder is a common plastic machinery equipment, extruder in daily operation in the process, extruded opportunity all kinds of faults affecting plastics machinery production, following long Cheung Chun hardware company, Foshan City small series and we know the extruder causes and treatment methods.

1, host unstable current

1, production reasons: ⑴ uneven feed. B main motor bearing or lubrication. C a section of heater failures, not heated. D screw adjust the pad right, or wrong, elements to interfere.

2, treatment methods: ⑴ check feeder, troubleshooting. Main motor b maintenance and, if necessary, replace the bearing. C check whether the heater is working properly and, if necessary, replace the heater. D check and adjust the pad, pull out the screw check screw has no interference phenomena.

2, the main motor does not start

1, cause: ⑴ drove a programming error. B main motor threading issues, whether the fuse is burning ring. C related to the main motor interlocks work

2, treatment methods: ⑴ inspection procedures in the correct order drive by car. B check the main electrical circuit. C check that the oil pump is started, check the status of interlock device associated with the main motor. Pump does not open, motor could not be opened. D frequency converter induction is not finished, turn off the main power supply for 5 minutes after start. ⑸ check that the emergency button is reset.