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China market Outlook

Plastic machinery (foam granulation machine) has a good foundation for the development of the industry and the advantage. After more than 40 years of development, Chinese plastic machinery industry scientific and technological strength, the degree of marketization and internationalization significantly increased manufacturing capacity growing has become a production first plastic machinery manufacturing country in the world. Especially after the international financial crisis after the baptism, the industry's international competitiveness and anti-risk capability is enhanced, sustainable development is accelerated promotion. As the world economy recovers, plastic machinery industry in China will become an important economic growth point in the development of a new round of play.

It is worth mentioning that, in 2010, the foam granulation machine capacity of national plastic machine market in 2008 to rise to 48 billion yuan 36 billion yuan, an increase of 37%, which increased to 72% per cent of the domestic equipment. In 2008, the machine equipment made in China in the capacity of the domestic market accounted for only 49%. Is the most realistic option of treatment plastic waste. Future research and development of plastics waste heat-related equipment, designed to use a more simple, longer life, lower-priced devices, to accelerate the burning heat recovery and utilization of steel-making furnaces recycle plastic waste research and development. Edible packaging films are naturally edible substances (such as polysaccharides, proteins, and so on) as raw materials, through interactions between molecules and the formation of porous structure of thin films. Such as Chitosan edible packaging film packaging, corn protein membrane, modified cellulose edible packing film and composite type of edible packaging film, edible film can be applied to various instant food packaging in the food industry should have a huge market.