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Characteristics of single-screw plastic extruder

Single-screw plastic extruder with a single reducer, single barrel, screw using the regular profiles, high quality carbon steel. It has the following features

1. Single screw granulator set mixer, submitted to, feedstock, extrusion, air-cooled hot particles, air cooling in one, automated continuous operations, high efficiency single screw granulator;

2. Single screw granulator with mixing, feeding and extrusion segments according to customers choice adopts electrical heating or steam heated or hot oil circulation heating, temperature control requirements, depending on the production of material, the temperature requirements are not the same.

3. Mixer with "four-sided synchronous wear mixing chamber" technology, high efficiency, low energy consumption and full of plastic, distributed evenly;

4. Feeding device using the company's unique technology, auxiliary mixing materials can be mixed, and forced feeding of single-screw extruder, improve the efficiency of granulation and quality;

5. Double conical screw and single screw-driven by AC frequency conversion technology can be adapted to various technical requirements;

6. Head front hydraulic quick screen device, save time and effort, and environmental protection;

7. Granulating machine with rotary cutter and trimmer unit, air-cooled eager grain;

8. Grain cooling by Cyclone conveyor, drum cooler or circular vibrating screen;

9. Electronic control system with PLC, Visual interface and inverter technology, to achieve full automation and control.

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