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Profile Sheet Making Machine

Profile Sheet Making Machine

PVC Sheet Extrusion Line mainly composed of feeder, plastic extruder, sheet mould, roller calender, oven/corona treating unit, haul-off unit, printing, cutter, stacker or coiler and peripherals.

Detailed description

Product Description:

Mainly composed of feeder, plastic extruder, sheet mould, roller calender, haul-off unit, printing, cutting machine, stacker and peripherals, this versatile and reliable profile sheet making machine with high capacity, low power cost, reliable performance, easy to maintain, long service life and so on. 


  • Compact structure and superior performance

  • Advanced processing technology ensures roller accuracy and product uniformity

  • Advanced electronic control system to realize monotonous and group control linkage, precise, stable and reliable control

  • Automatic feeding and drying system to ensure dry materials and product quality

  • Single layer, multi-layer composite sheet and other models are available 

  • The screw is optimized by alloy steel, with uniform plasticization and higher efficiency.

  • The effective L / D ratio allows for sufficient residence time to achieve excellent homogenization of natural fiber flour and polymer and provides a large surface area for optimum heat transfer during PVC sheet manufacturing

  • Equipped with an independent cooling system to ensure the quality of the sheet products is stable.

  • The special design of the distribution box, the thrust bearing is extraordinarily enlarged, the bearing is imported, the transmission life is long, and it can withstand greater extrusion pressure.

  • PVC sheet extrusion product specifications: thickness range from 0.2mm to 3mm, width range is less than 2000mm.


It is applicable to produce PC,PP,PE profile board or making different types sheet as customers' requirements which are widely used in building, decorating, advertisement laying, road noise isolation and packing.  

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