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Plastic Sheet Making Machine

Plastic Sheet Making Machine

Plastic sheet making machine consists of automatic feeder, single screw extruder, extrusion die, Roller Calender, oven/corona treating unit, Haul-off unit, printing, Cutter, stacker or coiler and peripherals.

Detailed description

Product Description:

Consists of automatic feeder, single screw extruder, extrusion die, traction unit, cutting machine, stacker and so on, this kind of plastic sheet making machine has the outsatnding characteristics of large capacity, low cost, high strength, good temperature resistance, good performance and easy maintenance. It can also be produced according to different requirements.


  • Versatile and reliable downstream equipment.

  • Reasonable design, stable operation, automatic length cutting

  • The rapid cooling system ensures stable product quality.

  • Single or multi-layer sheet extrusion system, up to 5 layers.

  • Special screw design for better plasticization and higher extrusion speed.

  • Adopting a professionally designed saw blade, PLC control system for smooth cutting

  • Specially designed screw and barrel for stable movement and internal pressure

  • The vacuum setting uses a special amplified eddy current cooling system for easy cooling and setting

  • The tractor works smoothly, the product surface has no indentation, good reliability and high traction.

  • The speed of the cutting machine is synchronized with the pulling speed To meet the needs of high speed extrusion.

  • A complete sheet extruder with different types of screw extruders as the customer's material.


Suitable for ABS, PE, PP, HI/PS, PET, PC, PMMA and other thermoplastic materials to make different types sheet as customers' requirements which are widely used in advertising, construction, electricity, automotive, cargo transportation, food, decoration, stationery, medicine and other industries.

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