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PVC Door Manufacturing Machine

PVC Door Manufacturing Machine

PVC edge band extrusion line consists of screw feeder, conical twin screw extruder, double strand extrusion die, embossing machine, cooling calibration equipment, synchronized traction machine, glue coating device, winding machine, printing machine, etc.

Detailed description

Product Description:

Consists of screw feeder, embossing machine, cooling calibration equipment, synchronous traction machine, glue coating equipment, printing machine, etc. ,the PVC door manufacturing machine uses PVC as raw material to produce various kinds of doors profiles or decorations. The machine can either produce PVC monochrome edge banding, or it can produce wood grain and other edge banding patterns through the printing machine. It has complete production energy saving, stable performance and high efficiency. This series of profiles have the advantages of beautiful appearance, high pressure resistance, good light stability, good thermal stability and aging resistance.


  • Optimized length counter and dust collector configuration.

  • Specially designed screw and barrel ensure high-speed extrusion and excellent plasticizing effect.

  • ABS or PVC material are available.

  • The double-screw extruder achieves higher capacity and saves granules manufacturing process costs.

  • 3D adjustable vacuum calibration unit uses water circulation closed vacuum system to quickly and easily replace different types of calibration molds, optimized vacuum switch, flow switch, multiple mold options.

  • Dynamically balanced caterpillar haul-off,, variable frequency or service motor control ensures stable edge sealing.

  • Adopting a professionally designed saw blade, which is controlled by PLC, and the extruded profile is smooth.

  • Extruder traction adopts frequency converter for speed control, and the whole production line can realize stepless speed regulation.

  • Traction adopts belt type to ensure stable production and profile is not deformed.

  • Automatic lamination ensures smooth door surface.

  • Adopting synchronous system ensures that the cutting part is smooth and clip-free after cutting.

  • The factory offers prints in two or three colors with a high glossy or sub-glossy effect.


Mainly used for extrusion of various PVC doors which are widely used in bedrooms, kitchens, offices and other places.

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