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Single Facer Corrugated Machine

Single Facer Corrugated Machine

PE/PP Single facer corrugated machine consists of auto feeder, single screw extruder, extrusion die, forming machine, mould blocks, coiler and so on.

Detailed description

Product Description:

This kind of single facer corrugated machine is a kind of machine that makes it produce single-faced corrugated pipe, then processed by a single-machine glue cart, and gelatinized by heating to produce a single facer corrugated pipe that meets the quality requirements. The equipment mainly comprisesconsists of auto feeder, single screw extruder, extrusion die, forming machine, mould blocks, coiler and so on. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, good product quality and strong adaptability. 


  • Adopting AC motor with imported inverter control and help manufacturers save power cost. 

  • The cutting device has adopted numerical control device to ensure the cutting precision, improve the work efficiency, and the operation is safe and reliable.

  • Adopting high technology not only maintains thermal efficiency, but also ensures safety and saves energy.

  • Good shear and mixing results, professional screw for PE / PP and calcium carbonate materials, only matched with high torque gearboxes to ensure efficient extrusion and high quality.

  • The filter die design not only ensures future plasticization of the material, but also ensures stable pipe performance.

  • The molding machine uses a forced water cooling system to keep the blocks running at low temperatures.

  • The block forward speed is controlled by the ABB inverter to ensure a stable forward speed.

  • The high-speed corrugated machine has no chain running, and the block is directly installed in the gear groove. It relies on 9Mn2V material forming block and the processing precision is 0.01mm, achieving high-speed and stable operation.

  • Two-wall or three-diameter single-wall bellows can be produced in the same module, reducing mold costs, reducing module replacement time and increasing efficiency.

  • The corrugated board produced has high quality, reasonable appearance and physical properties.


It is mainly used to produce single wall corrugated pipe which is mainly use for control cabinets, equipment manufacturing, engineering installation, trains, automobiles, subways, machine tools, automation and other industries.

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