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PVC Pipe Manufacturing Plant

PVC Pipe Manufacturing Plant

Dual strand PVC pipe manufacturing plant consists mainly of plastic mixer units, screw loader, screw feeder, conical double screw extruder, extrusion die, vacuum spray cooling tank, online printer, haul-off machine, PVC pipe cutting machine, down table etc.

Detailed description

Product Description:

Consists mainly of plastic mixer units, screw loader and feeder, conical double screw extruder, extrusion die, vacuum cooling tank, haul-off machine, cutting machine, down table, etc.,this kind of PVC pipe manufacturing plant has the advantages of high output, high quality and high efficiency to reduce labor costs.


  • Fully automatic control, stable operation and large capacity.

  • Easy operation, low power consumption.

  • Adopting high-efficiency double-screw extruder and special profile screw design, which has better plasticization and more stable extrusion.

  • The specially designed die adopts a double helix co-extrusion structure to ensure long screw life and uniform thickness distribution on-line.

  • Screws and alloy sleeves made of imported materials ensure a perfect solution.

  • The concept of a spider extrusion die ensures a uniform melt distribution and an ideal residence time curve across the flow cross section.

  • Efficient cooling system, vacuum calibration tank adopts efficient dual chamber which brings rapid cooling, first chamber spray cooling for fast heat extraction, and second chamber with dip tank for sufficient time.

  • The tractor uses two belt constructions for more stability and reliability. Stable traction of 12mm-63mm extruded tubes can be realized, and each traction belt can be independently controlled by imported inverter or servo motor.

  • With a PLC controlled chip-free cutter, extrusion has higher length control accuracy and higher cutting efficiency.

  • If you would like more information about the machine, please contact us.


Mainly used making both CPVC and UPVC pipes which are widely used in the area of building water supply, drainage, chemicals, heating fluids and coolants, food, ultrapure liquids, mud, gas, compressed air and vacuum systems and many other fields.

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