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PVC Pipe Manufacturing Machines

PVC Pipe Manufacturing Machines

This rigid PVC pipe manufacturing machines consists mainly of material mixer, screw loader, screw feeder, twin conical (parallel) screw extruder, vacuum calibrating tank, online printer, traction machine, PVC pipe cutter, stacker or belling machine etc.

Detailed description

Product Description:

This PVC pipe manufacturing machines consists mainly of material mixer, screw loader/feeder,vacuum calibrating tank, traction machine, PVC pipe cutter, stacker or belling machine,etc. Featuring good appearance and stable performance,the each part of the product plays its best role: Professional profile screw design for better plasticization and more stable extrusion, as well as lower cost formulations; The vacuum calibration tank is made of stainless steel to ensure perfect operation; A length measuring instrument and a thickening device are also applied,etc.


  1. High efficient screw with good plasticization, high extrusion speed.

  2. Use imported air conditioner inverter or service motor to ensure high quality.

  3. Screws made of imported materials with alloy sleeve treatment barrels ensure perfect PVC extrusion.

  4. The dovetail splitting support extrusion die reduces the seam line of the melt material.

  5. Large compression ratio design for higher pipe density and greater mechanical performance.

  6. Automatic length adjustment and automatic water inlet, as well as solenoid valve control drainage system for added safety.

  7. The traction machine adopts a multi-belt structure, and the pipeline is uniformly stressed and has small deformation.

  8. Each leash can be independently controlled by a service motor and mutual switch to meet the needs of different diameters.

  9. Optional mechanical and hydraulic feed, the cutting machine enables simultaneous precision cutting and chamfering.

  10. Available in U, R and rectangular versions


Mainly used in manufacturing PVC pipes which are used for plumbing water supply system piping, drainage, exhaust and sewage sanitary pipes, underground drainage pipe systems, rainwater pipes, and threading pipes for wire installation, etc.

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